ALLIANSLOPPET • Lördag 25 augusti 2018 • Första start kl. 10:00

Alliansloppet 2018

Participant information

Latest update 2018-08-07

The participant information will be updated continuously, so be aware of changes and read this PM close to the race.

Race day

The race day is on Saturday 25th of August 2018


The registration is open until Saturday, 11th of August.
The registration is done here:


Late entries

Late entries are possible at the number bib tent on the Alliansloppsarena until the morning of the race day.

The bib tent is open:

Friday August 24, 14:00 - 21:00

Saturday August 25,  07:00 - 09:30 (Open), respectively 07:00 - 13:00 (Competition)



Competition 48 km, Competition 32 km and Open 48 km


Open 32 km


Open 16 km


Swish or cash payment.

Written results from at least one of the approved seeding races are needed if seeding is desired.

Please note that seeding to the first start box not possible for the classes Men (H21-) and Women (D21-) Competition 48 km.

Race arena/Alliansloppsarenan

The start and finish areas is located close to the Trollhättan falls called ”Hansenplatsen” and ”Tunet”.

The course

The course follows the same roads as previous years (see separate map below). The course is clearly marked with sprayed arrows on the asphalt, arrows on poles, plastic bands and flag guards are positioned at all major intersections.

Kilometers signs along the course show distance travelled.

Ahead of the finish on the third lap in Men (H21-) and Ladies (D21-) Competition 48 km the course is changed for the top skiers in respective class. All skiers shall continue on the Vänersborgsvägen all the way towards the finish from the NÄL roundabout instead of on the cycle path as on lap 1 and 2.

During this period, ALL riders are to ski on the Vänersborgsvägen, i.e. also possible skiers on lap 2!

Flags guards will clearly indicate the course.

Please note...
• Common traffic rules apply - the roads are NOT closed.
• No skiiing allowed on the course from 5 minutes before start ("Clear course").
• This also applies to leaders, service staff and supporters.

Download map as JPG



Classes/time of start


Inlines Open 16 km


Men Open 48 km
Women Open 48 km


Men Open 32 km
Women Open 32 km


Men Open 16 km
Women Open 16 km


Women (D21-) Competition 48 km
Women Junior (D17-20) Competition 32 km


Men (H21-) Competition 48 km
Men Junior (H17-20) Competition 32 km

If too few participants classes can be merged.

Starting list

The starting list is published on the website and posted at the Alliansloppsarenan.

Link to start list:


Seeding is based on:

  • Earlier results from Alliansloppet and Vasaloppet
  • FIS points
  • Results from Birken, Tanumsloppet, Nybrorullen, UVK-rullen, Bessmerrullen and Klarälvsloppet
  • Ski Team Sweden Roll Cup
  • Guide World Classic Tour
  • In addition, the organizer has the right to assign ”wildcards”

Number bibs and chips

Number bibs and chips

Bibs and chips needs to be picked up at the bib tent at Alliansloppsarenan.

The bib tent is open:

Friday August 24, 14:00 - 21:00

Saturday August 25,  07:00 - 09:30 (Open), respectively 07:00 - 13:00 (Competition)

The bibs has to be placed on both front and back and must not be folded.
The chip must be attached according to the enclosed instruction.


Showers are available in Arena Älvhögsborg, about 1 km from the start and finish, and are open 08:00 - 18:00.


Toilets can be found at the Alliansloppsarena.

Bag storage

Bag storage can be found at the Alliansloppsarena.

Team captains meeting

A team captains meeting will be held at Hotel Scandic Swania on Saturday August 25, 08:30.

Loan skis

ALL skiers in Men (H21-) and Women (D21-) Competition 48km in the first start line will be supplied with skis from Alliansloppet/SkiGo.

As guideline for Men (H21-) Competition 48 km, riders below 2:00 hours on Alliansloppet 2017 will be seeded into the fist start line.

For unforeseen events, each skier is advised to bring their own skis to Trollhättan.

The rollerskis can be tested:
Friday August 24, 16:00 - 19:00
Saturday August 25, 09:00 - 11:00

The test is located at the Church approximately 200 m south from the finish line
The skis will be marked with the bib number and handed back to the SkiGo-staff.

The competitor pick up his/her skis on the way to the start just before the start bridge, “Oscarsbron”.



The starting lines are located on the bridge “Oscarsbron” at the Alliansloppsarena.
The start lines will be marked with the start line number.

Start procedure

For those classes where the number of skiers is large, we will start two start boxes at a time with one minute interval.

Example: For Men (H21-) Competition 48 km and Men Junior (H17-20) Competition 32 km start box 1 & 2 will start 13:55, start box 3 & 4 will start 13:56, start box 5 & 6 will start 13:57 etc. See the starting list for details.

ALL skiers within a class must be in good time prior the time of start be ready to start in the appointed starting box. After the first start in their class, all remaining skiers roll forward so that the first skiers in the next two starting boxes are at the starting line. Once these have started, the remaining start boxes rolls forward to prepare for their start.

There is plenty of time to move, so keep calm, show consideration and follow the instructions of the officials.


Sportsmanship and everyone's safety is something we prioritize highly and you are part of it!

By holding a high level of sportsmanship before and during the competition, we jointly work together to avoid accidents and spread a good sport culture.

To avoid accidents in the Alliansloppet, the following applies:

  • Use approved helmet and safety goggles.
  • Follow the police and Alliansloppet officials!
  • Use wheels and other equipment approved by Alliansloppet.
  • During the race, keep to the right on the road and never hinder anyone who wants to pass you.
  • Slow down in good time before sharp curves!
  • It is not allowed to drive on the course to and from the coaching zones during the race!
  • We recommend that you park the car at designated parking spaces or appropriate locations and walk to the coaching zones.
  • The Alliansloppet provides additional poles at the top of the first hill, after Båberg and at the water station at the Alliansloppsarena.
  • Coaching with water, poles, etc. must not be done outside marked coaching zones.
  • If an accident occurs, it is your obligation to stop and check if the injured person can handle himself or need help. In case of minor damage, call Alliansloppet safety: +46 767 84 31 46.
  • Call 112 and request ambulance if it is urgent!

Lapping and finish

Lapping and finish is done on the Alliansloppsarenan. Keep to the right side of the traffic island approximately 150 m before the finish line for lapping and left side to finish.

Slower riders must keep the right during the whole course.

Finishing the race in the wrong lane can lead to disqualification.


Water stations

Fluids will be offered at two water stations:

  • Before Båberg (middle of the lap)
  • After the finish line at the Alliansloppsarena

Own service is only allowed in marked coaching zones. Service outside those zones will lead to disqualification. Only standing coaching is allowed, i.e. no running or bicycling beside the rider.

Spare poles

If your pole is damaged, we offer spare poles at three different points (see Course map):

  • At the top of the start hill after the start and then after the finish line at the Alliansloppsarena when lapping
  • In the uphill after Båberg
  • After the finish line at the start and finish area

In addition, three “pole cars” will follow the leading groups in Men (H21-) and Women (D21) Competition 48km – the skier approach the car and pick a pole from the car.

When a skier chooses to take a pole, an official notes the skier’s bib number. The pole must be returned in the bibs tent after the race, else the riders will be billed for the pole.

The broken poles will be returned to the bib tent. However, no guarantee can be given when it will be available. The pole can also be returned after the race day.

Own pole coaching is only allowed in the marked coaching areas (see Course map). Pole distribution outside these zones leads to disqualification.

Sprint prizes

There will be sprint prizes for the best ladies and gentlemen’s in Men (H21-) and Women (D21-) Competition 48 km.

  • SkiGo, at lapping on lap 1 & 2
  • Zetup, lap 2
  • Guide World Classic Tour, lap 2 & 3

See the course map for the sprint prizes location.

Checking of the equipment

Equipment control will be done randomly before the race.

Sections of the race is filmed and these films will be used to reveal skiers with suspicious speed in the down hills.

The first 200 skiers will have their equipment checked after the finish line and then random checks will be performed for the other competitors.

All staffs along the course are informed to report skiers with suspicious speed in the downhill.

Irregular equipment will lead to disqualification.

Time limit

A new lap on the track cannot be undertaken after 12:50 for the Open classes and after 16:10 for the Competition classes.


Participants who are members to clubs connected to the Swedish Ski Association (SSF) has a special insurance coverage.
The other participants are insured through their registration to Alliansloppet.

Breaking the race

If you break the race you need to inform the officials at the Alliansloppsarena.
You must not cross the finish line with a chip if you break the race.


Results will be printed and displayed at the Alliansloppet finish area and published on the homepage.


Potential protests must be submitted to the competition secretary no later than 15 min after the unofficial results are posted, cost 500 SEK.

Prize giving ceremony

The prize giving ceremony will take place after the publication of the official results, approximately at 16:10 on the main stage in the finish area. The ceremony will be announced by the speaker.


First three skiers in Men (H21-) and Women (D21-) Competition 48km

The winners in Men (H21-) and Women (D21-) Competition 48 km are expected to attend the prize ceremony during the banquet in the evening after the race to receive the prize money.

First three skiers in Men Junior (H17-20) and Women Junior (D17-20) Competition 32km

Sprint prizes: see Sprint prizes for more information.

Ski Team Sweden Roll Cup : see link.

Guide World Classic Tour: Prize for the Athlete of the Day, see also:

Special prices in the internal sponsor classes: Diwiton, Standby Blue Light Challenge and Polis-SM.


Medical personnel can be found in the Alliansloppsarenan and in the pole cars along the track.
If you need medical help you can return to Alliansloppsarenan or contact any staff along the course to call for help.
You can always call 112!

Race office

The race office is located in the bib tent at the Alliansloppsarena.

The race office is open:

Friday August 24, 13:00 – 21:00

Saturday August 25, 07:00 – 15:00 

Competition rules

  • Pole length must not exceed 83% of the skier's body length plus 2 cm (see ICR 2018, paragraph 396.10.1 on SSF's website). The body height is measured with ski boots on from a flat surface, to the top of the uncovered head. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap. All measurements will be rounded to the nearest centimeter as follows: less than 0.5 cm will be rounded down and 0.5 cm and above will be rounded up.
    • Participation is at your own risk and the entry is personal and can’t be transferred.
    • The race is held on public roads and common traffic rules apply - Keep to the right
    • The competition is in accordance with the Swedish Ski Federation's rules.
    • The competition is carried out in classic technique, all other techniques are prohibited and will result in disqualification. Functionaries around the course will control the technique with video. The contest will be broadcasted and an inspector will follow the TV pictures and have the right to disqualify the competitor.
    • The wheel material must correspond to the respective manufacturer's normal wheel called Type 2 or Elpex Rosa PU 2. The competition follows the Swedish Skidförbund's recommendations for wheels in roller skating competitions. Read more about wheels here.
    • At least one wheel on each rollerski must have ratched mechanism.
    • Helmets and glasses are mandatory.

    Competition management

    Race Director: Mikael Jakobsson

    Competition Secretary: Johannes Jillerö

    Track/Safety Manager: Martin Sandin


    FIS Technical Delegate (TD): Annika Dahlman

    FIS Assistant TD: Pär Dudal

    Martin Eckervad

    Mikael Johansson

    Mikael Jakobsson