Alliansloppet’s Competition and Open class 48 km are seeding races for Vasaloppet*.

Your time and place from Vasaloppet’s Öppet spår 2019 is used as a guidance for seeding in Alliansloppet in case you have not participated in Alliansloppet or Vasaloppet previously.

Read more in the Race information for further information.

Information for Juniors in Competition class

Juniors who want to get seeding for Vasaloppet need to sign up in H/D 21 Competition class 48 km.
Remember that the age limit for Vasaloppet is 19 years.

* = Alliansloppet does not count as seeding race for the elite start group in Vasaloppet.


For questions regarding seeding, please contact:

Alliansloppet seeding races 2019

Guide world classic tour

Beside previous editions of Alliansloppet and Vasaloppet are we taking seeding information from and even the other stages in Guide World Classic Tour.

Read more about World Guide Classic Tour