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Alliansloppet 2021

Race information

Updated 2021-08-25

The following information will be updated so be aware of changes and please read the race information right before the race.

Date of race

Saturday 28th August 2021


Alliansloppet 48 km OPEN:

599 kr –  11 June – 20 August (last registration day)

Alliansloppet 32 km OPEN:

499 kr – 11 June – 20 August (last registration day)

Alliansloppet 16 km OPEN:

399 kr – 11 June – 20 August (last registration date)

Alliansloppet 48 km ELIT, waiting list:

Read more about the qualification to Alliansloppet ELIT here. 

Regular registration is open until Friday 20 August 2021.

Information for Juniors in Competition class.

Junior Ladies/Men (H17-20, D17-20) born 2001-2005 can participate in all distances in the Alliansloppet OPEN (16-32-48km).


Late registration

Late registration is not possible. The last day to register is 20 August 2021.


Start and finish is on Åkersbergsvägen next to the river and the locks in Trollhättan.


The start is located on Oscarsbron in the southern part of the Allianslopparena.
The start area is marked with signs of start groups.


The course is the same as previous years (see map below). The course is clearly marked with arrows in the road, arrows on poles and with marking tape. Signs along the course will show covered distance from the start. Staff will be in every road crossing.


Regular traffic rules applies – the roads are not closed

No admittance on the course the last 5 min prior to the start.

This applies even to team leaders, service team and supporters.

Info Alliansloppet ELITE:

Before the finish line on the third lap in Men and Women ELIT 48 km, the track for the skiers in each class runs on Vänersborgsvägen (approx. 1.3 km before the finish) instead of on the cycle track as laps 1 and 2. Compared to previous years, the track is much closer to the finish (see also bank card). Flag guards will clearly signal which route applies.


Regular traffic rules applies – the roads are not closed

No admittance on the course the last 5 min prior to the start.

This applies even to team leaders, service team and supporters.


Alliansloppet PM hojdprofil

Starting times/Classes

See detailed time schedule under “Start procedure”.

Starttime: 8:00 AM
Alliansloppet OPEN 48 km, Men and Women
Alliansloppet OPEN 32 km, Men and Women
Alliansloppet OPEN 16 km, Men and Women

Starttime: 11:45 AM
Alliansloppet ELIT 48 km, Men

Starttime: 11:55 AM
Alliansloppet ELIT 48 km, Women

Starting procedure

For the start times / classes where the number of skiers is large, the start groups will be started two and two at two minute intervals according to the tables below.

Start groupClassStarting time
0Inlines 16-108.00 AM
1Open 48-108.02 AM
2Open 48-208.02 AM
3Open 48-308.04 AM
4Open 48-408.04 AM
5Open 32-108.06 AM
6Open 16-108.08 AM
7Open 16-208.08 AM
Start groupClassStarting time
1Men Elite11.45 AM
2Women Elite11.55 AM

ALL participants must be lined up in their respective start group in good time before the starting time.

After the first start, all remaining start groups roll forward so that the first ones in the next starting time are at the starting line. When they have started, the remaining start groups roll forward while waiting for the next starting time and so on.

There is plenty of time to move, so take it easy, pay attention and follow the staff’s instructions.


Seeding for Alliansloppet OPEN is based on:

  • Results from Alliansloppet 2019 and Vasaloppet 2021
  • FIS-points
  • Results from Birkebeinerrennet, Tanumsloppet, Nybrorullen, UVK-rullen, Bessmerrullen and Klarälvsloppet 2019

Read more about seeding here.

Info Alliansloppet ELIT qualification

This year the setup of Alliansloppet is different than the past years. Two different starts will be created: Alliansloppet OPEN gathering 16-32- 48 km and Alliansloppet ELITE 48km limited to National team skiers, Visma Ski Classics Pro Team athletes and athletes with an active FIS code and under 200 FIS distance points. The organizer reserved the right to distribute 10 wildcards to both men and women.

Alliansloppet ELITE will be limited to a maximum of 150 athletes (max 100 men – max 50 women, based on the attendees of the past editions, the number can evolve in case of high interest in the women class).

If you have an active FIS code and under 200 FIS distance points you have the possibility to register in a waiting list. The application opens the 11 June 2021 and will close on the 1st of August 2021. Passed this date no application will be accepted.

The waiting list will be sorted on FIS points distance. The selection of the athletes will be based on FIS point order. The sorted waiting list and a preliminary start list will be published on 2nd of August 2021 and the final start list be edited on the 27th of August after the team captain meeting, the day prior Alliansloppet.

The participants who are selected but will not start are invited to announce their non-participation as soon as possible as possible (but at the latest at the respective team leader meeting).  Empty starting places will be filled up by skiers who are next in the queue. A reserve list is created based on FIS point order.

To validate your application, you need to follow the following step:

  1. Register in Alliansloppet OPEN 48 km
  2. Register in Alliansloppet Waiting list (Free)
  3. If you have been selected, you will be automatically moved from Alliansloppet 48 OPEN to Alliansloppet ELITE


There is no parking at start or finish.

Read more about parking here.

Race office

Race office is located at Alliansloppet arena next to the start number distribution.

Opening hours:

Saturday 28th August, 6.30 AM – 12.00 PM

Start number

Distribution of start numbers and timing chip takes place in the tent at Alliansloppet arena.

Start number distribution is open:

Friday 27th August , 6.00 PM – 9.00 PM

Saturday 28th August, 6.30 AM – 10.00 AM

Start number must be visable in the front and on the back and must not be folded.

The timing chip must be fastened according to the givevn instructions.

Shower/changing rooms

Changing rooms and showers are located in Arena Älvhögsborg (about 1 km from the arena) and is open 8.00 AM – 5.00 PM.


Toilets are available at the arena of Alliansloppet.

Bag delivery

Bag delivery is available in marked area at the arena of Alliansloppet.


Your safety is our priority! Through fair play and taking precautions we will together avoid accidents and make a good atmosphere.

To avoid any accidents the following rules apply:

  • Wear helmet and glasses.
  • Follow directions from police and Alliansloppet’s staff
  • Use only wheels and equipement permitted by Alliansloppet.
  • Keep right during the race and do not obstruct passing competitors.
  • Slow down properly prior to sharp turns.
  • Driving vehicles and bicycles along the course during the race is not permitted.
  • We recommend to park cars in designated parkings or in a suitable location and walk to the coaching zones.
  • Alliansloppet provides spare poles at three different locations.
  • Serving drinks, poles outside the coaching zones is not permitted.
  • In case of an accident it is your responsibility to stay and check if the wounded person needs help or can take care of himselves. For minor injuries call Alliansloppet’s medical care number. Reine Lundgren : +46 790 790 529
  • For major emergencies call an ambulance on 112!
  • In cause of a major emergency the race will be stalled. Stay put on your position you had when the accident happened. Await orders from the race directors and a possible restart.

Lapping and finish

Alliansloppet OPEN: Lapping are done through the Allianslopparena: Keep right for lapping and keep left for finishing.

The course will be seperated in lanes 150 meters before the finish line.

For Alliansloppet Elite competition the course will NOT be separated. The whole road for lapping and finish will be available.

Alliansloppet PM varvning mal


Two refreshments points will be available along the course (see course map):

  • At Båberg (in the middle of the loop)
  • After the finish line

Personal refreshments are only allowed within marked coaching zones (see course map). Serving outside these coaching zones leads to disqualification.

Running or biking outside or within the coaching zones are not allowed.

Extra poles

Alliansloppet provide extra poles in case of broken poles at three different locations (see course map)

  • On the top of the first hill after the start on the 1st loop
  • In the upphill after Båberg
  • After the finishline for lapping competitors

One neutral service car will follow the head of the race of Women elite Competition 48 km and two cars will follow Men elite Competition 48 km providing necessary poles.

The competitors are themselves approaching the service cars at the side to be given a new pole.

When someone chose to be receive a pole from Alliansloppet the competitor’s start number will be noted. The pole must be returned to the start number distribution. Not returned poles will be invoiced to the receiver. Broken poles can be collected at the start number distribution even though it may take some time. Broken poles can even be collected the day after the race.

Personal serving of poles is only permitted within the coaching zones (see course map). Pole serving outside the coaching zones leads to disqualification.

Material control

Material control will be conduted before race start.

Some places along the course will be filmed for violations purposes.

After the race the 200 best placed competitors will be checked as well as random compliance controls.

During the race each member of the organizing staff has the authority to report of abnormal speed. Noted competitors will be checked after the race.

Unpermitted equipment leads to disqualification.

Maximum skiing time

For safety reasons last time allowed to enter new loop is 10:30 AM for Alliansloppet OPEN.

Abandoned race

If you chose to abandon the race it is mandatory to inform the staff in the finish area.
If you don’t inform the organizer you will be considered as missing after a certain amount of time.

Please do not cross the finish line with the chip if you have abandoned the race!


Results will be published at the Allianslopparena as well on the webpage.


Any protests must be delivered to race secretary at latest 15 minutes after unofficial resultlist has been published. Protest fee is 500 SEK.

Medical care

Medical personnel are present at the Allianslopparena and in the neutral service cars out on the course.

If you need medical treatment either visit the medical care at the Allianslopparena or contact the nearest race staff who will call for help.

In case of a mayor accident call the emergency at 112!


Participants who currently are member of a club connected to the Swedish Ski Federation have some sort of insurance.
Other participants are insured through their entry of Alliansloppet.


Once your registration is paid and confirmed, it is legally binding. You are not entitled to any refund from Trollhättan Action Week. All participants are advised to take out the Folksam Motionsloppsförsäkring Bas or Folksam Motionsloppsförsäkring Stor cancellation insurance, provided by Swedish insurer Folksam, in case injury or illness prevents participation.

Event cancellation

If the race has to be canceled due to extraordinary circumstances (force majeure), the participants have two choices:

  • Transfer the registration for 2022.
  • Get a refund of the half entry fee.

Competition rules

  • The rules of the Swedish Skifederation applies the race.
  • The race is done in classic technique and follows the International Ski Federation’s (FIS) rules for classic technique. Staff along the course will film technique violations which in turn will lead to disqualification. The staff will also follow the live TV coverage and observe technique violations.
  • The material in permitted wheel shall be equivalent of manufacturers’ type 2 or Elpex Rosa PU 2. Alliansloppet follows the Swedish Ski Federations recommendations for wheels for rollerski competitions. Read more about wheels here.
  • At least one of the wheels on each ski must have anti reverse bearing.
  • Helmet is mandatory. Glasses are optional due to the weather conditions.
  • Maximum length of poles are 83% of skiers height plus 2 cm. (see  ICR 2020, paragraf 343.8.2 on FIS’s website)
    Body heigth is measured with ski boots on. The pole length is measured from the bottom of the pole to the highest attachment of the strap. All measurements will be rounded to the nearest centimeter as follows: less than 0.5 cm will be rounded down and 0.5 cm and above will be rounded up.
  • The competitors participate at their own risk and every registration is personal and can not be sold.
  • The race is done on public roads and regular traffic rules apply – keep right.

Info Alliansloppet ELIT

Team leader meeting

By joint decision between SSF and Trollhättan Action Week, no physical team captain’s
meeting is held to minimize the risk of infection spreading.

The digital team captain’s meeting will be held on Friday August 27at 19:00: Link to Team Captain’s Meeting Alliansloppet

The presentation will be published after the meeting.

Price ceremony

The price ceremony takes place after the official results list has been published at 15.00 PM and announcements by the speaker.
To receive prize money, winners in the Men’s and Women’s Alliansloppet 48 km ELIT are expected to attend the prize ceremony after the race.

Prize money

Rank 1-6 in the Men’s and Women’s Alliansloppet 48 km ELIT awarded prize money.

  • 1: SEK 50 000
  • 2: SEK 20 000
  • 3: SEK 10 000
  • 4: SEK 8 000
  • 5: SEK 5 000
  • 6: SEK 2 000

Sprint prizes

There will be two sprint prizes for best Women and men in Alliansloppet 48 km ELIT.

  • Landbergsliden lap 2: 5.000: – Women and men
  • Landbergsliden lap 3: 5.000: – Women and men

Ski distribution

All professional skiers will be assigned skis from Alliansloppet.

Before the race you can test the skis. The ski test can be done by the church 200 meter south of the finish of Alliansloppet.
The skis will be marked with the competitors start number and returned to SkiGo. On race day skis will be distributed by Alliansloppet/SkiGo before the start

Each skiers picks up their loan skis on the way to the start at Oscrsbron.

Alliansloppet PM laneskidor


The competitors are responsible themselves to collect their skis on the way to the start.

Race organization

Race director: Mikael Jakobsson
Race secretary: Niclas Lund
Course/security director: Reine Lundgren


FIS Technical Delegate (TD): Robert Erixon
FIS Assistant TD: Björn Westerström
Race director: Mikael Jakobsson